Here’s How Unified Communications Enhance Team Collaboration

How Unified Communication & Collaboration Improve Teams

Even though we spend 49 percent of our working lives doing it, we often underestimate the power of collaboration, especially when it comes to success. We get caught up in marketing campaigns, sales quotas, and other pieces that build a successful business. However, Henry Ford was quite right when he said, “If everyone is moving […]

5 Benefits of Offering Omnichannel Customer Support

An employee of Omnichannel Customer Support gives solutions quickly to a customer by phone.

Consumers are more connected than ever. From live chat to social media, there are multiple avenues for them to reach out to your company. However, that means businesses face the challenge of meeting customers where they are—across a multitude of channels. As technology advances, customers expect customer service to advance with it.  Omnichannel customer support […]