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The Hospitality Industry

Connect your customers and staff like never before!

When it comes to hospitality, communications are key not only to running your business but also ensuring your customers are satisfied with their service. However, many restaurants, hotels, and B&Bs are operating on phone systems and internet that’s well over a decade old.

Here at PressONE, we want to help the hospitality modernize their communications without breaking the bank. Our suite of solutions are specifically designed to connect staff with customers and vice versa.


  • Hosted VoIP Phone Systems. Empower your employees to serve your customers from any device.
  • Call Center Capabilities. Customize your IVRs, call queues, and more with our full-featured Call Center module.
  • Managed SIP Trunking. Only pay for the trunks you need with our customizable SIP trunking solutions.
  • POTS Replacements. Provide reliable emergency calling and so much more with our cost-effective POTS replacement services.


  • Lower overall cost than other, more traditional systems
  • User-friendly UI interfaces to help you manage your phones quickly and easily
  • Hands-on installation and training included with every solution
  • Full-featured suite of hospitality features including check-in/check-out notifications, reservation scheduling, wake-up calls, call accounting, and more.

Give your guests a more personal experience while helping employees manage tasks efficiently, thanks to PressONE’s solutions for the hospitality industry.

Ways To Use

Check In: 

  • Enable room mailbox
  • Deliver welcome message (optional)
  • Turn on long distance dialing COS
  • Guest name to telephone system
  • Guest Language
  • Set Wake Up Call


Room Move:

  • Move messages to the new room
  • Move scheduled wake up calls


During Stay:

  • Receive ‘call front desk’ messages
  • Set wake up calls


Minibar Refill:

  • Refill auto post to guest folio
  • Direct Charge or Item and Count
  • Enter items via telephone, web browser, or tablet

Check Out: 

  • Disable mailbox
  • Archive messages
  • Extinguish message waiting light
  • Remove wake up calls for that room
  • Archive wake up call data
  • Remove any personal greetings or passwords
  • Reset extended stay class of service
  • Turn off long distance dialing COS


Room Status:

  • Pass room clean/dirty status
  • Multiple status codes “Repair, etc.”
  • Housekeeper ID


Data Swap:

  • Data Synchronization
  • Auto creation of guest mailboxes


Group Codes:

  • Sending Group messages
  • Group wake up calls

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