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Here’s How Unified Communications Enhance Team Collaboration

How Unified Communication & Collaboration Improve Teams

Even though we spend 49 percent of our working lives doing it, we often underestimate the power of collaboration, especially when it comes to success. We get caught up in marketing campaigns, sales quotas, and other pieces that build a successful business. However, Henry Ford was quite right when he said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”   

If your employees can communicate well, collaborate effectively, and pursue the same goal, your business can accomplish anything! And the first step on the road to that accomplishment – the “moving forward together” – should be investing in a unified communication and collaboration platform.   

Honestly? We think Ford would’ve had a unified communication & collaboration (UC&C) platform too, and we’re going to show you why. 

Streamlines Your Daily Processes  

Over 60 percent of your employee’s time isn’t spent doing their job. It’s probably spent on “work about work,” according to Asana’s Anatomy of Work Index. This includes jumping between multiple apps, coordinating meetings, doing repetitive tasks or duplicative work, etc. In total, the average employee loses over 600 hours (about three and a half weeks) a year on these tasks.  

A unified communication & collaboration platform can help you get some of those hours back. It lets you bring all your communication and collaboration features into one simple platform. Now, with just a single log-in, your team can:  

  • See who’s online and send them timely messages  
  • Coordinate video conferences with a single click  
  • Manage and respond to voicemails and emails  
  • And so much more!  

Instead of switching between Zoom, Teams, and Slack, you get all those functions in one place, saving your team time and effort and saving you money.  

Effective collaboration can save you thousands of dollars per employee and has been shown to increase sales by 27 percent]  

Makes Collaboration More Productive  

When you centralize your communication, your collaboration becomes more productive! After all, they’re not wasting time managing multiple apps or hunting for information in a jam-packed inbox.   

With a UC&C platform, they can instantly edit a document, brainstorm new ideas, or update each other on project deadlines through virtual meetings, messages, and more. In a recent study by McKinsey, this real-time collaboration was shown to increase productivity by 30 percent or more! When communication barriers are removed, your employees are free to collaborate the way they want when they want.  

This, in turn, leads to more innovation. Because sharing ideas, giving feedback, and working together is so much easier (and more productive), it can lead to more breakthroughs than before—approximately 30 percent more, according to recent reports. As Ford so aptly said, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together a success.”  

Makes Adding New Collaborators Easier Than Ever  

Adding new users can quickly become an ordeal when you use multiple collaboration and communication tools. You’ve got to set them up on Zoom, then on Teams, then on Slack, and oh—and don’t forget email! Once that’s done, you’ve got training to worry about.   

Thankfully, unified communication & collaboration solutions can take the stress out of scaling. With PressOne, you can add new users and get them up and running with just a few clicks. Training’s a breeze too! Providers like PressOne have a library full of helpful tutorials new users can work through independently.  

Plus, UC&C platforms like ours are designed with all skill sets in mind. They won’t need an advanced IT degree or weeks of training to make the most of all its features.  

Keeps Communication Excellent Even When You’re Remote  

Today’s workforce is looking more flexible than ever. With over 80 percent of companies offering hybrid or remote work to their employees, they must have a communications platform that works well inside and outside the office.  

PressOne’s UC&C solution does just that. Because it’s based in the cloud, operates over the internet, and has its own secure app, your team can access business-class communications from any place and any device. They can do things like:  

  • Participate in multi-party audio or video conferencing  
  • Access important call analytics when they need them  
  • Send instant messages on the platform  
  • Use their plug-and-play integrations with ease  

All while enjoying the highest levels of encryption and data protection only a business phone system can provide. Thanks to UC&C, whether employees are on-site, traveling to a trade show, or settled at home, they’ve got what they need to stay connected and productive.  

Encourages More Personal & Engaging Collaboration  

Your customers don’t want to feel like just another number to you, and neither do your employees. They want to feel connected with their team members, interested in their work, and part of a bigger purpose. While a UC&C solution can’t completely solve all those needs, it can definitely help.  

Its built-in video conferencing capabilities build camaraderie, even if teams are miles apart. Teams can see each other’s faces, read body language, and respond appropriately—even though it’s through a screen. This human connection makes each team member feel more invested in each other’s work.  

Plus, PressOne’s file-sharing and real-time editing capabilities guarantee everyone is on the same page, sometimes literally! When teams can see the same files and work together to improve them, it minimizes misunderstandings and makes each of them feel like they’re working toward a common goal, which is what we all crave.  

When team members collaborate well, 73 percent do better work, 60 percent are more innovative, and 56 percent are more content at work, according to a Deloitte survey.]  

Boosts Your Team’s Morale  

Last but certainly not least, unified communications & collaboration can keep your team happy and engaged. This may seem like a stretch, but check out some of these statistics:  

  • Over 40 percent of corporate employees have left, or are considering leaving, their jobs because of poor collaboration.  
  • Companies that promote (and support) better collaboration and communication have cut employee turnover rates in half.  
  • Employees who work for those kinds of companies are about 20 percent more likely to think that the company cares about their well-being.  
  • Team members who have access to digital UC&C platforms are almost 17 percent more satisfied at work.  

Plus, by giving your team what they need to work faster and easier, you can reduce stress and complexity, resulting in happier and more motivated employees. Happier employees lead to happier customers, which in turn leads to more revenue in the long run.  

Give Your Team the Gift of Unified Communication & Collaboration with PressOne  

Ready to experience faster, stronger, and ultimately better collaboration? Then check out PressOne’s UC platform. It’s packed with the features that will help your team:  

  • Work smarter, not harder  
  • Communicate quickly and easily  
  • Collaborate effectively, and more!  

Plus, the entire platform is supported by a team that’s been in the business for over 40 years. Together, we can create a platform that’s personal, secure, and powerful. Want to see it for yourself? Reach out, and we’ll schedule a demonstration ASAP. 



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