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Technology Partners

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Technology Partners

At PressONE, our highest goal is customer success. We want to provide the best products possible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. This  is why we have technology partners that are some of the biggest brands in the communications industry – to give you the solutions you need to succeed!

One of the largest information technology companies in the world, Cisco provides networking, cloud, and security solutions for hundreds of thousands of businesses. From phones to collaboration platforms, PressONE can connect to - and support - any Cisco product.

For over fifty years, Microsoft has produced and provided computer software, electronics, computers, and other services to businesses and consumers. Their suite of office products is be running on over 1 billion devices worldwide so of course PressONE has solutions that support it.

Global provider of SIP phones as well as video and voice communications, Yealink services over 140 countries and regions. All of PressOne's products are compatible with Yealink phones, headsets, and other business-critical endpoints - making sure your business stays connected no matter what.

Formerly Plantronics and Polycom, Poly provides excellently engineered and designed audio/video products backed by specially-designed software, AI programs, and communication analytics. If you've chosen to utilize Poly products, PressONE solutions complement them perfectly.

The largest manufacturer of residential phones in the US, VTech offers a wide variety of communication hardware for businesses too. They even have a suite specifically designed for the hospitality industry! And PressONE's UC&C solutions can integrate quickly and easily with any of them.

For over 20 years, Fortinet has delivered uncompromising security for enterprises, service providers, and government entities alike. Now, we've partnered with their experts to secure all of PressONE's offerings, giving our customers the tightest security across their entire communications suite.