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LTE Failover

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Wireless LTE Failover, along with Zero Usage Plans, keeps your business running normally when unexpected disruptions to your internet connection arise. Wireless LTE Failover (also known as a redundant internet connection or a wireless LTE backup) relies on a 4G LTE network to make sure your business is always connected to the internet during outages caused by natural disasters or man-made events. Internet downtime can bring business to a sudden halt. Most businesses lose the ability to process orders, accept credit cards, utilize aspects of their security system, provide customer service or use UCaaS phone systems.


When a primary internet connection fails, our managed router automatically recognizes the failure and seamlessly switches the connection to the AT&T or VZW LTE Wireless Network. During the failure PressONE and the customer are notified of the switch and PressONE has a real-time view of the data consumption. When the failure is over, the LTE router will automatically switch back to the primary internet connection.


Zero Usage Plans

Customers only pay for the data consumed during an outage with no overage charges. They simply pay the preset plan price for their level of consumption for that month. This completely eliminates wasted expenses that come with other plans!

Improved Customer Experience & Productivity

Keep your business moving seamlessly. Avoid missed sales, missed customer service opportunities, and lost productivity due to internet disruptions

Simple Communication with UCaaS Systems

Wireless LTE Failover ensures voice and data services stay online and connected seamlessly.

More Control Over Your Communications

Stay connected when internet outages are caused by events that are out of your control. Never let your business be impacted by power station issues, hardware failure, network failure, or human error.

Custom-Built Packages

Equipment and data packages can be customized to meet your connectivity goals.

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