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For over 40 years PressONE has been dedicated to designing communications solutions that will fit the needs of any business – large or small. As a top Integrated Service Provider, we can function as your phone company, local and long distance carrier, hardware vendor and internet service provider.  

The PressONE mission

PressONE’s mission is to continually maintain the latest in communications technology which allows our customers to see a faster Return on Investment (ROI) and a better increase in productivity.

We also believe that satisfied employees lead to greater corporate success and more satisfied customers. Our empowering corporate environment allows our employees to enjoy – and excel at – their jobs. This support creates a cohesive and dedicated team that will provide the best possible service to our clients.

Our Customer Commitment

As a leader in enhanced communications technology, PressONE strives to develop and deploy reliable, next-generation solutions that enable our customers to maintain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. In fact, we gauge our success by your success!

Which is why our customer support team provides unparalleled service to our users. When one of our customers succeeds, we all succeed.

Our Philosophy

PressONE conducts its business with three simple goals in mind — reliability, accountability and profitability — both from a systems and a service standpoint.

  • We pledge to provide reliable products and services to our customers
  • We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, employees, and stakeholders
  • We maintained profitability throughout our 25 years of business and continue to maintain this momentum

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Headquartered one subway stop from Manhattan, PressONE believes that satisfied and successful employees result in long-term satisfied customers. This is why we offer an excellent work environment, work-from-home capabilities, competitive benefits, and so much more!

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