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Explore The Next Generation Of Managed POTS Lines 

Carriers are decommissioning copper voice infrastructure and support which means you need an easy and affordable POTS replacement, fast! Our professional POTS solution provides a comprehensive solution that replaces traditional First-Generation POTS lines.   

POTS Replacement 

Future-Proof Telephone Services

Our PressONE POTS Line Service guarantees compatibility with legacy systems and is carrier-grade and UL-listed, delivering future-proof telephone services. During the transition, we provide you with dedicated project management with enterprise experience to ensure you get the timeliest and best quality service from us.  

We give you an easy online status and management portal where you have access to real-time monitoring and reporting. We give you the connectivity, reliability, and savings your business is looking for. Our lifetime warranty and exceptional technical support set us apart and keep you connected! 

Multi-Wan Connectivity 

Additional connectivity options like Cellular, Broadband, and Wi-Fi. This gives you multiple connection options for additional bandwidth and backup.

AI Powered NOC

24x7x365 NOC with monitoring and alerts. Our AI powered NOC seamlessly monitors your system and alerts you at the first sign of an issue.

Geo Redundant Data Centers

Reliable data centers built to avoid a single point of failure. This keeps you connected and your data safe in the event of a failure like a power outage or equipment failure.


Protect Your Business Today – Prepare it for tomorrow

Our PressONE POTS Line Service Is more reliable than traditional copper POTS lines because telecom providers are not legally required to service them anymore. This leaves you with outdated technology that makes you susceptible to paying higher prices for deteriorating and unreliable lines and nonfunctional communication services. So why is POTS replacement so much better? 

POTS Replacement 

POTS Replacements – No Longer An Option, A Necessity!

POTS lines are fading quickly into obsolescence so it’s either transition or face skyrocketing prices while not being able to keep up with the rest of the industry. Switching is an obvious choice when you’re faced with the reality of traditional POTS lines in this digital landscape. The PressONE POTS Replacement Solution gives you: 

Improved CX

VoIP technologies come with features like auto attendants and call routing improve responsiveness and the ability to meet customer’s needs in a timelier manner, improving the overall customer experience.


Modern communication technologies offer geo-redundant backups that keep you connected, even in the face of natural disasters and equipment failures.

Feature Rich

POTS replacements like our PressONE POTS Service, offer a host of highly customizable features that fit the needs of any size business in any industry.

Cost Savings

You can save up to 50% on your monthly bill when you opt for a POTS replacement. By eliminating the need for costly physical infrastructure and maintenance, you eliminate all the added expenses that come along with them.

Flexibility & Mobility

Digital communication solutions allow for staff to collaborate with coworkers and connect with customers from anywhere with an internet connection.

Competitive Advantage

As the digital landscape rapidly advances, having a commitment to new technologies and innovation gives you a competitive edge and keeps you a step ahead of your competitors.


Solution Applications You can count on

Our PressONE POTS Line Service is compatible with your existing systems, so you don’t have to worry about losing features you’re used to with your traditional POTS lines when you decide to make the transition.  

Connectivity Options

Multi-SIM and Multi-Carrier connectivity options as well as broadband, 4G LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi are available, offering uninterrupted connectivity and coverage.

Emergency Battery

Up to 48 hours of emergency backup power ensuring the continuation of critical operations and prevention of data loss or damage.

NFPA 72 Code Compliant

Compliant with the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 72 standards and regulations, our solution typically meets or exceeds national, state, and local building and fire codes.

End-to-PSTN Encryption

Communications encryption offering security and protection throughout the entire transmission of sensitive or confidential information being transmitted.

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It’s time to futureproof your business and get the added features and benefits that will improve your day-to-day operations and give you the competitive edge you need. Contact us through the form below with questions or to get started today! 

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