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Real Estate Case Study


Real Estate Case Study

By using PressONE’s Hosted Voice, a real estate company has received a whole host of benefits!

The Real Estate company contacted PressONE to solve its communications problem. PressONE’s team of specialized professionals assessed the real estate company’s current communications systems, usage and growth plans.


The real estate company chose PressONE’s Hosted Voice solution which solved the following three problems:

    • Growth & Scalability – Since the real estate company was using a traditional PBX, there were limitations as to how many lines and stations a company can expand due to the capacity of the PBX.  That posed a significant problem for client who experienced rapid growth plans but did not have the unplanned, reserve capital to buy for the future.  PressONE’s VoIP platform, where calls are sent as data rather than voice to our Network Operations Center and from there sent out the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). This benefits the client by allowing them to add new users when they need them without having unused excess reserve for the planned future growth.
    • Interoffice Communications and Connectivity – The second problem the real estate company faced was how to connect their two offices.  Traditional methods for connecting two offices through technologies such as VPNs or private lines work fine for data. However, voice is much more complicated and expensive, normally requiring at least one IP-PBX in the main office and other networking hardware at the remote site in addition to the phones. By choosing PressONE’s VoIP service, the real estate company was able to combine both voice and data into one seamless network.
    • Mobility – The third and final problem that needed to be resolved is agent mobility.  The real estate company’s agents were frequently out of the office their clients had difficulty contacting them.  With PressONE’s advanced call processing and call forwarding features, the agents would have granular control over incoming calls.


    By using PressONE’s Hosted Voice, the real estate company has seen a significant increase in both customer satisfaction and sales while effectively managing its operating costs with fluctuations in its agent base.

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