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PressONE: A Unique Partner Program

agent partner program

In the world of communications, partners are a key element of businesses finding the right providers for their needs. With so many products and services out there, it can be a huge struggle to find a product that has all of the features and commodities that will work best for them and their teams. As an agent/dealer you not only want to offer the best services to your clients, but also join forces with a provider that has your back whenever you need them to. 

Customers are looking for products with the most features and benefits, and as their agent, navigating the variety of products out there to find the perfect one isn’t easy either. For that reason, over at PressONE we have developed the ultimate partner program to help not only our customers find their desired products, but also to help you as an agent offer services that you can confidently stand behind. 

Join PressONE’s Agent Partner Program: 

At PressONE we take pride in offering one of the most advanced and complete agent partner programs available. We are aware that our agent partners fall into many different selling categories which all come with different necessities. For that reason, we created a three-tier program, designed to make commissions bigger and more accessible for the benefit of all our agents in the new program. As a PressONE agent partner, you will have the backing of a group of highly skilled sales engineers, support technicians, online sales tools, and, of course, a very alluring and competitive range of telecoms solutions. 

PressONE agents and dealers, in contrast to other agent programs, will solely be in charge of the sales cycle, allowing you to concentrate on providing excellent selling services to your clients. All of the provisioning, buying, installing, programming, and training will be handled by PressONE. We’ve also made the process of becoming part of our agent partner program easy and straightforward, here are a couple of answers to questions you may have: 

Who can become a PressONE Partner? 

You will be a successful PressONE partner if you are proactive and extremely informed about the advantages of voice and data as they pertain to organizations in many industries. Clients are looking for knowledgeable individuals who can guide them through choosing the right products, and that’s why we are looking for Agents that are on the same page as us. 

Do we offer any training? 

Each agent partner will go through extensive PressONE product sales training. To keep our agents informed of new features and products added to the PressONE Service portfolio, we will also offer ongoing continuing education. We want you to be as informed as possible and through our agent partner program will make sure you know everything you need to, to offer the best service to your clients.  

Our Products: 

We have state-of-the-art telecom products that you can offer to your clients, without doubting that they will always be of the upmost quality. Some of our products include: 

  • Hosted VoIP 
  • SIP Trunking 
  • OneFax 
  • Hosted Call Center  
  • Call Reporting 
  • Network Services 

PressONE offers businesses around the nation quality goods and services, at low costs by combining the traditional capabilities of an “on-premise” PBX with the dependability, mobility, and expanded functionality of IP telephony. 


Join our agent partner program–one of the best in the industry! We are here to look out for you as an agent as much as we do our clients. We believe in nurturing our agents in our agent partner program so they can get our products to the right customers and form long-lasting business relationships. Interested in learning more, or ready to join us as a PressONE agent partner program? Give us a call or email us at and our team of experts will get you started. 



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