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The Basics & Benefits of Hosted Customer Services 

Hosted customer service

It’s no secret that customer service teams are eager to continue working from home. All you have to do is look at recent statistics! Over 87% of employees polled in a recent survey expressed that they didn’t want to work in the office full-time. Internet searches for “work when you want remote jobs” increased by a staggering 556%.  

So how can a company continue to offer excellent customer service while meeting the needs of their team members? The answer is simple: invest in hosted customer service. 

What is Hosted Customer Service?  

But what is hosted customer service? Hosted customer service is a cloud-based customer service platform – or a collection of customer service applications – that can be accessed from any device in any location with internet access. There is no more need to keep all your hardware and software in one physical location.  

Perhaps you’re thinking “isn’t that just a hosted call center?” The answer is: not exactly. Yes, a hosted customer service platform has certain call center capabilities (which you’ll see in a moment). But, it’s so much more than that. A true hosted customer service solution unifies ticketing, CRM, and call center software into one, user-friendly platform. All the features your agents need will be right at their fingertips! 

The Benefits of Hosted Customer Service 

Allow for Remote & Hybrid Work Models 

With a hosted customer service solution, agents can take their workstations anywhere. Whether it’s at the local Starbucks, at the airport, or in their home office, so long as they have internet, your agents can effectively care for your customers. Plus, giving your agents the ability to work remotely is a great way to boost your employee retention rates. 

Increase Agent Productivity 

As we mentioned before, a true hosted customer service platform allows you to give agents all the tools they need in one place. This accessibility allows them to find information faster, answer questions more effectively, and provide a personalized level of care. After all, if they can see previous chat and call logs and notes that sales left in the CRM, they’ll have a far better idea of what the customer needs than if they just had their voicemail and call log to review. 

Access to Advanced AI-Driven Technology 

The best hosted customer service solutions come equipped with the latest technological advancements. Here are three of the most useful ones:   

  • Advanced IVR. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), an Advanced IVR can understand full sentences and provide answers to open-ended questions. Many larger corporations use it to collect information from callers and log it prior to connecting them with an agent.  
  • Sentiment Analysis. This type of AI is more universal than NLP. Sentiment analysis can be applied to any conversation – written or spoken – and determines if the interaction was positive, negative, or just neutral. And the more it’s used, the more it learns! One example of how it can be used is when a customer on the phone is upset or angry. Sentiment analysis detects that emotion and connects that customer to an agent faster than one who seems willing to wait. It can also help agents prepare for customers’ emotional states, allowing them to manage situations more effectively. 
  • Chatbots. Many hosted customer service platforms have chatbot functionality. Simple questions can be answered immediately – no matter what time it is – and agents can be freed up to address more complicated issues.  

Reduce Your Customer Service Spending 

From the cost of hardware and software licenses to maintenance and training expenses, the total cost of ownership (TCO) for typical customer service teams can be high. But with a hosted customer service solution, you can reduce your TCO while increasing your return on investment (ROI). With a hosted solution, you: 

  • Don’t have to invest in on-premises equipment 
  • Don’t need to hire technicians to maintain that equipment 
  • Can add/reduce users quickly and efficiently for one low monthly fee 
  • Can add additional support channels (chat, social media, etc.) without incurring extra expenses 

In short, you can maintain the quality of your service while reducing the overall cost of that service. 

Provide Customized, Detailed Reports 

Accurate and timely statistics are a manager’s best friend. Especially if that manager is responsible for a customer service team. A hosted customer service platform gives you key metrics in real-time, like:  

  • First-Call Resolution (FCR) 
  • Agent Uptime 
  • Queue & Handle Times 
  • Abandonment Rates 
  • And so much more! 

These statistics will help managers accurately pinpoint agents’ strengths and weaknesses and generate appropriate training sessions for them.  

Enjoy Hosted Customer Service with PressONE UC 

With over 40 years of experience, we know how important excellent customer service is to a business’s success. This is why PressONE UC has all the capabilities of a hosted customer service solution right from the start – no extra fees required. See it for yourself by scheduling your free demonstration today! 



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