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PressONE with Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

The world of communications is moving faster than ever.  With hybrid and work from home modalities gaining popularity after the 2020 pandemic, it is commonplace to see teams not working together in an office. For this reason, businesses have had to adapt their communications to being as flexible as possible. 

Over here at PressONE, we have joined forces with Cisco to bring you Cisco Webex, a product that’s reliable, fast and mobile. As your business needs evolve, so do the features that we offer. Now you can continue to enjoy everything that makes PressONE great with all of the tools your team needs to work from literally anywhere in the world. With Cisco Webex you get all the features that your team needs to stay in touch with each other while efficiently carrying out their tasks. Some of these features include: 

Stress-free video conferencing

You can now host and join meetings from any device wherever you are, and keep your data and privacy protected while doing so. A few included interactive features are screen sharing and virtual whiteboard. 

Crystal Clear Audio

Don’t worry about misheard information. With native in-app voice and video calling, audio quality will always be reliable on both ends. 

Instant Messaging

You most likely need to get in touch with your teammates often and as fast as possible. With our messaging features, you can contact others both internally and externally in real time and even create group chats with different teammates. You also get modern messaging features such as emojis, gifs, mentions and threaded message support! 

Team collaboration tools

You can create a virtual workplace to work with your team, and even one-to-one. Through this virtual workplace it’ll be easier than even to share files, chat and meet as often as you need to. This tool is the perfect way to keep your work and conversations organized. 

What is Cisco Webex? 

Cisco is the global leading provider in video conferencing solutions, and at PressONE we have partnered with Cisco to bring you a product that offers a fully integrated collaboration experience. With Cisco Webex you and your team will be able to communicate faster and more efficiently thanks to our advanced messaging, advanced meeting capabilities and wide array of communication features all within a single app. 

Do I need cloud collaboration solutions for my business? 

Solutions like Cisco Webex are beneficial for most businesses in almost any industry. This kind of technology is what large corporations use to communicate for the benefits that it brings. It is now more important than ever to always be connected and able to communicate as a team, and Cisco Webex facilitates exactly that. Whether you own a small or a larger business Cisco Webex has been adapted for easy use, after all nobody wants to complicate their lives with a system that’s hard to understand. 

Cloud collaboration solutions ensure that no matter what the state of your business is at any given time, operations will still be able to run smoothly. For example, we learned after the pandemic that collaborators can be sent home to work in the most unexpected of times. Back then, industries were hardly prepared to continue running operations with all their employees having to work from home. However, technologies like Cisco Webex have permanently changed that. You can now be prepared for anything. 

Anything else you want to know? We’re here to help! 

We know you probably have lots of questions about Cisco Webex, and we would love to talk to you a bit more about how it can fit your business needs, contact us by shooting an email or give us a call so one of our representatives can help you! If you already have Cisco Webex but have questions about it, you can also use this online help center. We hope to see you join us soon! 




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