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Stay Ahead of the Game: How Business Texting Services Can Give You the Competitive Edge  

business texting

Communication is essential in today’s business world, especially with so many of us dispersed all over the globe in remote work environments. There are so many ways to communicate, and deciding which options are best for your business’s needs might be overwhelming. One channel that has gained traction over the last several years has been texting. As a telecom provider, offering business texting to your customers has become a must-have instead of a luxury.  

Here’s why you need to offer business texting to your customers.  

Customers Prefer to Text 

According to a Pew Research Study, texting is the most common app on our mobile devices. 97% of us use our texting app once a day. If you think people don’t want to be bothered by business messages, think again. According to a recent survey by Zipwhip, 74% of consumers would rather receive a text than a call or email. Texts are more likely to get opened over an email. Business texting allows your clients to reach customers in their pockets and communicate with them in the way they prefer. Just think, how quickly do you look at your phone when you get a text notification?  

Texting Increases Customer Delight  

Customer delight is critical in today’s competitive business world. And business texting provides that! How? By giving a level of immediacy that other channels can’t compete with. Just think, if you send an email, what do you think the chances are it gets opened? If a customer submits a support ticket, it might sit for a few hours before getting a response. Your clients’ customers, and all customers really, are looking for instant gratification. They need to know their message has been received. With business texting, your clients’ customers can get quick answers to the following:  

  • Order updates  
  • Shipping confirmations  
  • Service Feedback  
  • Contract renewals (B2B environments, usually) 

This type of messaging provides instant engagement and improves the customer experience, ensuring they remain loyal to your clients. After all, they’re going to be the only providers who get back to them on time. 

Texting Saves Time for Everyone 

There’s nothing more important than business efficiency and offering texting for businesses improves efficiency and can save your client time. Texting features such as text templates allow you to create repeatable messaging. Once the templates are made, all that needs to be updated is personal information and a few other details. Templates reduce the time it takes to write these types of repeatable messages. Your customers can automate messages about other things too, like:  

  • Upcoming deadlines  
  • Appointment confirmations  
  • Any kind of status updates  

This automation reduces the work for your client’s customers and frees their time to concentrate on more business-centric tasks and projects.  

It Fosters Better Relationships  

Business texting can help your client build and maintain their relationships with their customers. Texting is a more personal channel of communication. Businesses can create a better customer experience, leading to loyalty and better relationships. Our email inboxes are flooded with noise. Remove that noise with business texting.  

Use Cases for Business Texting 

There are several ways to uniquely leverage this powerful communication channel. But we’ll focus on some of the biggest opportunities below. 

  • Billing Reminders. If your client’s customers are using online billing, send a text to remind them about upcoming billing dates.  
  • Marketing. Add texting to your marketing mix. Communicate your offers through text, including webinars, events, and promos.  
  • Appointment Reminders. If your clients are in a service-oriented business, texting is a wonderful way to keep their customers updated on appointment reminders.  

Start Texting Today with PressOne 

Customers are using texting, and it’s time you engage with them using their preferred method of communication. PressOne has the messaging capabilities and features to help take your client’s customers to the next level. Contact us today, and let’s see how we can help implement business messaging into your portfolio of services.  



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