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What Should I Look for in a New Business Phone System? 

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When it comes to choosing a new business phone system, what you should look for depends on your business. There are several factors that differentiate phone systems. Once you understand these factors, you need to analyze and rank them in order of importance in how they relate to your business. Our top 9 business phone system factors are listed below.   

What Costs Can I Expect In A Business Phone System?

Cost is an important factor to consider. Every business has a budget to adhere to. Be sure to compare the costs of different systems and factor in any additional costs such as installation, training, and support. You’ll also need to consider the following: 

  • Number of phones 
  • How many phones will be needed to accommodate growth? 
  • What are your current costs? 

In most instances, you’ll see significant saving migrating from a traditional phone system.  

Get A Business Phone System That Allows For Collaboration

A modern-day business needs modern-day features. Does your business phone system allow you to easily collaborate as a team? Consider getting a solution that allows for easy collaboration no matter where you work – in the office, on the go, or from home! The right business phone system should make it easier than ever!

Get Useful Features Like Integrations

Another important factor to consider is the features offered by the business phone system. Some features to look for include call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, and automated attendants. Additionally, consider if you need a phone system that integrates with other tools such as a CRM system

Integrating your phone system with other business tools such as a CRM or email marketing platform can be beneficial. Look for a system that offers seamless integration with other tools your business may use.

Most new systems also integrate messaging into the platform, enabling quick communications between employees from anywhere. Integrations make doing business a breeze and this feature should not be overlooked when you’re shopping around! So when it comes to features, be sure your phone system offers all the best integrations!

Your Business Phone System NEEDS To Be Reliable

Reliability is key when it comes to business phone systems. Look for a system that has a good reputation for uptime and minimal outages. If you are in an area prone to outages, especially due to natural disasters, this is where you’ll want to consider a cloud-based phone system. If your business’s infrastructure is impacted by downtime, at least your employees will be able to access the phone system from anywhere. 

Additionally, consider if the system offers backup and disaster recovery options. Often this comes in the form of a geo-redundant network.  

Your Business Phone System Should Be Easy To Use

It’s important to choose a phone system that is easy to use and navigate, especially if you have employees who are not tech-savvy. Look for a system with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features. Something easy to use will improve the adoption of the technology. 

Let’s Talk About The Perks Of Mobility

With the rise of remote work, having a mobile-friendly phone system is becoming increasingly important. Consider if you need a phone system that allows employees to make and receive calls from their mobile devices. This way, they aren’t revealing their personal number.  The ability to work from anywhere is truly a benefit that will serve you and your team greatly.

Do You Get The Right Technical Support?

Consider the level of technical support offered by the vendor. Look for a vendor that offers 24/7 technical support and has a good reputation for customer service. Read reviews and connect with others to find out how reliable and responsive their support is. 

Choosing Cloud-Based or On-Premise

Decide if you want a cloud-based or on-premises phone system. Cloud-based phone systems are becoming increasingly popular, as they are generally easier to set up and maintain and offer more scalability and flexibility. A cloud-based system is perfect if you’re responsible for a remote or hybrid workforce. Employees can access the system, no matter where they’re at. 

By considering these factors, you can choose a business phone system that meets your specific needs and requirements. It’s important to evaluate your current and future needs and choose a system that can grow with your business. Additionally, consider if you need any specific features such as call recording or integration with other tools. 

PressONE For Your New Business Phone System 

Are you searching for a new phone system? PressONE makes it easy to transition from a traditional phone to a cloud-based phone system. Flexibility and scalability are as important as ever and it’s essential to keep your employees happy with a phone system that supports their work. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation on how we can fit you into a new phone system. 



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