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Elevate Your Communications by Utilizing the Power of Hosted Phone Solutions 

hosted phone solutions

The world and tech transitions of the 2020s have forever altered business processes. Due to ongoing market uncertainty, businesses have adapted and restructured to meet rapidly changing demands like no other time in recent history.   

Because of the propensity for demands on business systems to change at a moment’s notice, businesses must scale their communications to meet unprecedented task loads and changes. This is where the value of hosted phone solutions makes itself most apparent.  

What Are Hosted Phone Solutions?  

Hosted phone solutions are business phone systems “hosted” by a service provider. These solutions provide a comprehensive array of features that allow users to consolidate their phone systems under one umbrella. Typically, a hosted phone solution will feature voice over internet protocol calling, called VoIP, which uses a broadband connection to place phone calls, call forwarding, call connecting, hosted SMS, hosted emails, notifications, and various other tools and apps to help the end-user synchronize client requests with tasks.   

How To Elevate Your Business Communications  

Streamlining a business is straightforward under hosted phone solutions. A team using hosted phone solutions will elevate their business practices by organizing them into actionable streams, highlighting the highest priority tasks, visible and ready to be processed.   

Who Should Use Hosted Phone Solutions?  

While any team can enjoy the benefits of hosted phone solutions, they offer prime value toward the interests of small to medium-sized businesses in need of cost-efficient communications solutions that can scale to demands that overshoot the size of the company. To elevate their business communications, these small-to-mid-sized organizations need higher-level transparency between team members, making system tools, organization charts, task flows, deadlines, and other aspects of a business’s day-to-day function incredibly visible across the team dynamic.   


Numbers tell the story best. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracked the increased use of teleworking in 202.1.  Research showed that world events significantly impacted the way firms conducted work. Of all those firms that were impacted, small-to-medium-sized organizations, observed as companies with between 100-500 employees, and medium-to-larger sized firms, tracked as organizations with between 500 and 5,001 employees, saw the highest statistics of telework increase during that period, with similar statistics observed since. This increase was measured at 51 percent for the small-to-midsized organizations, and for the medium-to-large sized firms, the increase was observed at a 49.7 percent increase.  

Long-Term Benefits of Phone Solutions   

Hosted phone solutions offer long-term benefits on a multi-faceted front. On the surface, the cost-efficiency of hosted phone solutions makes them an ideal system pairing with a small-to-medium-sized business that may need more money to hire a full-sized service to manage their communications needs.  

Other long-term benefits of hosted phone solutions include increased internet speed and connectivity. Forbes wrote that the benefits of this increased load time have a lasting impact on a business’s productivity overall. With a greater load speed and connectivity, system moderators are also better equipped to protect the system from cybersecurity threats, such as DDoS attacks, a type of attack that locks business system owners out of their systems after compromising the business’ data.  

Forbers wrote that hosted phone systems can increase your business' speed.

Choosing PressOne   

When seeking to elevate the scope and actionability of your business entirely, you will want a solution that can grow with the lifetime of your business. PressOne offers solutions that can expand a lifetime, building on a foundation and ensuring that hosted phone solution integration is flexible and uninterrupted. Contact us today to learn more about how to scale up your business productivity and cut costs by switching to hosted phone solutions.  



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